Giving Up, Taking Up, or Just Waking up?

We asked our lovely community if they were giving up something or taking up something for Lent this year. It felt like a loaded question, in a period when a lot has been taken away from us, and home comforts have taken on more of a role in our self care. Giving up things isContinue reading “Giving Up, Taking Up, or Just Waking up?”

Welcome to the Wilderness – Lent 2021

It’s Lent, the 40 day period leading up to Easter. For some it’s a time of abstinence, giving things up, chocolate, wine, meat or biting your nails. For others it’s a time of renewed prayer, spirituality, hospitality or generosity.  The word Lent is nothing to do with giving up chocolate or facebook – ‘Lent’ isContinue reading “Welcome to the Wilderness – Lent 2021”