Advent and Christmas 2020

At Churspacious, it’s all go, as we get ready for Advent and Christmas! We are offering an alternative Advent calendar each day from Sunday the 29th of November until Thursday the 24th of December. This will consist of a short video and a series of posts, which will focus on a particular hashtag each day,Continue reading “Advent and Christmas 2020”

Our Next Theme: The Spirit Is…

There is an ‘I’ in Spirit – in fact there are a lot of ‘I’s’ in Spirit: Inspire, Illustrate, Illuminate, Inform, Incite, Ignite, Invite, Influence, Imbue, Inflame, Infect, and a lot more.  The Spirit is… well, ok, it’s like this…sorta… wait…just like a bit….. ok……The Spirit is …. Well… it’s complicated. We asked what the Spirit doesContinue reading “Our Next Theme: The Spirit Is…”

‘A Spacious Place’

The Psalms are a place I often feel able to find support and clarity in times of crisis. The beginning of Psalm 18 describes a Psalmist in crisis. Someone crying to God for help. After a really descriptive (perhaps even maybe a little bit dramatic?) exploration of God’s response, the Psalmist writes that God ‘broughtContinue reading “‘A Spacious Place’”