Bread of Life – Support

We are coming to the end of our series on Jesus as the Bread of Life, which has brought up some brilliant conversation and many diverse personal experiences, including insights into both food justice and the complex links, and disconnects, between food and well being. Because these topics go so deep into our own senseContinue reading “Bread of Life – Support”

New Series: Tearing Up the Rule Book

After our time looking at Jesus as the Bread of Life, in John, the lectionary moves to Mark, and things get pretty stark. It’s pretty clear that the Jesus that Mark describes wants to tear up the rule book, and that is what Churspacious will be reflecting on from the end of August until Advent.Continue reading “New Series: Tearing Up the Rule Book”

Creative Reflection on Psalm 18

This is a reflection that I, Alex, created for my training portfolio, in which I use my photography and words to consider Churspacious’s origins, present, and future. The reflection is in three formats; video, images, and text. Feel free to engage with whichever format feels most helpful and accessible to you. Video Images Text InContinue reading “Creative Reflection on Psalm 18”

New Theme: Bread of Life

From the 25th of July until the 22nd of August, churches around the world will consider what it means to say that Jesus is ‘the bread of life’. In Churspacious, we will also be reconsidering what we believe, what it means to worship together, and how we might respond helpfully to food injustice. Questions? GetContinue reading “New Theme: Bread of Life”

A Way Forward for Churspacious

Churspacious began as a response to lockdown. It has become, however, a vibrant church community which furthers and celebrates the full participation of LGBTQ+ people, neuro-diverse people, those who have experienced church-related trauma, and those who feel strongly about principals of social and eco justice in the Church. Churspacious was set up by myself andContinue reading “A Way Forward for Churspacious”

New Series: Queering the Lectionary

For pride month, a time in which many centre and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, I am delighted to launch a new series of Churspacious content, Queering the Lectionary (QtL)! This series will centre LGBTQ+ identities and queer lenses as we explore the set lectionary reading for the week. It is our hope that, as well asContinue reading “New Series: Queering the Lectionary”

The New Better – The New New!

A version of this post was originally published as a ‘Christian Comment’ for the Yorkshire Synod of the URC. I am fed up of the phrase ‘the new normal’. I do understand it’s appeal, but I wonder if ‘the new better’ or even simply ‘the new new’ might more helpfully describe our yearning for aContinue reading “The New Better – The New New!”


Resourcing Church: Diversity and Accessibility Over our first year, Churspacious has gradually grown into a space where text-and-image-based communication is the norm. This is, perhaps, not unusual for a social-media-based church. However, it’s also notable that text-and-image-based content gets significantly more interaction than videos and zoom events. We are planning to continue to provide someContinue reading “Accessibility”

More Time? or More Money?

We asked the question – would you rather have more time or more money? It is a hard choice, we’ve probably all wished we had a bit extra in the bank, and all longed for a day to go on forever, or another few moments with someone we love. So, we were not surprised toContinue reading “More Time? or More Money?”