Creative Reflection on Psalm 18

This is a reflection that I, Alex, created for my training portfolio, in which I use my photography and words to consider Churspacious’s origins, present, and future.

The reflection is in three formats; video, images, and text. Feel free to engage with whichever format feels most helpful and accessible to you.




In the midst of a pandemic
Stop signs and ignorance
Seemed endemic.
And yet, ‘God brings us out
Into a spacious place’.

Building doors were closed
For some, a problem,
Zoom was ok…
But we needed more.
And yet, ‘God brings us out
Into a spacious place’.

For many of us
The problem is bigger
Churches wound and exclude
So we leave by the dozen
And maybe we should.
For ‘God brings us out
Into a spacious place’.

So together we form
Chur(ch)spacious kindred
A family of choice
Where you are enough,
Where black lives matter,
Where LGBTQ+ people are
Loved, and safe, and central,
Where neurodiversity
Is cherished
And transformational
And seen,
Where presence is made real
Through words and images
In our embodied, daily lives,
On our screens,
Where rest is ok,
And we are united,
In diversity.
And so, ‘God brings us out
Into a spacious place’.

Then 2020 ended
And 2021 will soon too
We look to the future
And wonder what’s new.
Has the world changed,
Or is the church back to
‘The way we’ve always…’
You don’t need to hear
The end of that sentence…
And still, ‘God brings us out
into a spacious place’.

I can’t see what’s next
Our steps depend,
On your grace and love
For those we hold space for,
And, frankly, defend.

Because right here, right now,
God is bringing me…
God is bringing you…
God is bringing us…

Out into a spacious place.

And perhaps we are called
To co-create this spacious place

(Ref: Psalm 18.19)

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