A Way Forward for Churspacious

Churspacious began as a response to lockdown. It has become, however, a vibrant church community which furthers and celebrates the full participation of LGBTQ+ people, neuro-diverse people, those who have experienced church-related trauma, and those who feel strongly about principals of social and eco justice in the Church.

Churspacious was set up by myself and Revd. Jo Clare-Young, my partner and a minister in Yorkshire Synod of the URC. I am grateful to Jo and to her churches for the vital part that they played in the formation of Churspacious and in the first year of it’s life. As lock down has come to an end, Jo’s ministry has rightly moved back to a full focus on her churches in Scarborough.

My own ministry with Churspacious began as a part-time (0.25 scoping) role, when my previous role ended abruptly due to lockdown. I am incredibly thankful to Yorkshire Synod, as are Churspacious’s members, for their support and funding of this role. This role is time-bound, and is due to end on the 30th of April 2022, in conjunction with the end of my current research programme.

The good news is that at the URC General Assembly this weekend, a commitment was made, by the General Secretary of the URC, the Revd. John Bradbury: 

to consult widely, including with the Revd. Alex Clare-Young, the General Secretariat, the Secretary for Ministries, and the Yorkshire Synod as a matter of urgency, to seek ways to secure the future of the Churspacious before the current funding ends.

Please keep Churspacious’s members, facilitation team, and all of those who will be working together to discern the way forward, in your prayer over the coming months. You will find a prayer card below, and wherever this blog is posted, that I would encourage you to save and share widely.

Text: God, you have brought us out into a spacious place (Psalm 18). We pray for Churspacious and all who work to support this spacious place and to open new doors in the Church and in the world. Amen. Image: The Churspacious fish in purple, with a purple bubble containing the words of the prayer in white, on a blue watery background.

With thanks and peace,

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