New Series: Queering the Lectionary

For pride month, a time in which many centre and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, I am delighted to launch a new series of Churspacious content, Queering the Lectionary (QtL)! This series will centre LGBTQ+ identities and queer lenses as we explore the set lectionary reading for the week. It is our hope that, as well as giving the Churspacious community food for thought and conversation starters, these resources will help other churches and communities to raise awareness, celebrate LGBTQ+ people and work for social justice. If your church or community would like to access the QtL pack to use in your own context, get in touch!

The next seven weeks (June-mid-July) will be dedicated to Queering the Lectionary, followed by one QtL week per month from now until the start of advent. Want to know what’s coming up? Here’s a sneak peak:

Week StartingTopicReading
June 6th / Proper 5 (10)God Loves UsMark 3: 20-35
June 13th / Proper 6 (11)Authenticity ArisesMark 4: 26-34
June 20th / Proper 7 (12)Storm in a TeacupMark 4: 35-41
June 27th / Proper 8 (13)I’ve Got YouMark 5: 21-43
July 4th / Proper 9 (14)Sofa-SurfingMark 6: 1-13
July 11th / Proper 10 (15)What?!Mark 6: 14-29
July 18th / Proper 11 (16)RestMark 6: 30-34, 53-56
August 8th / Proper 14 (19)Poison vs PlentyJohn 6: 35, 41-51
September 5th / Proper 18 (23)ScrapsMark 7: 24-37
October 3rd / Proper 22 (27)First in LineMark 10: 13-16
November 21st / Proper 29 (34)What is Your Name?John 18: 33-37
*Lectionary Year B

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