Free as a Bird

No matter how tall

we build the wall

the birds will still fly over.

The words ‘Free as a Bird January to Lent 2021’ on a blue background with a picture of a white wild goose with black wing tips.

Free as a Bird, a well known phrase… but how often do we really think about it? Or feel it? Churspacious will be exploring the theme of communication in 2021 how do we communicate – with ourselves, each-other, nature, and God – and how might we do it better. We start the year, in the six weeks before Lent, by exploring birds that have been noticed as having spiritual importance. This six-week theme is inspired by the book Wild Goose Chase, by Annie Heppenstall. Birds have a lot to teach us about how we might overcome some of the communication gaps, or break down some of the walls, between us.

Here are some of the themes that we will be looking at:

A tiled gallery of 6 images. All images have sky blue borders and a white background, with the following words and images. Image 1: ‘Week 1 Free as a Raven’, image of a raven sitting on a bare branch. Image 2: ‘Week 2 Free as a Dove’, image of a dove flying. Image 3: ‘Week 3 Free as an Eagle’, image of an eagle looking down humorously. Image 4: ‘Week 4 Free as a Phoenix’, image of a golden statue of a phoenix sitting on a grey brick pillar. Image 5: ‘Week 5 Free as a Sparrow’, image of a bird sitting on a moss ball. Image 6: ‘Week 6: Free as a Cockerel’, image of a cockerel looking at us side on.

Week 1: Free as a Raven: Flying over the wall between Captivity and Freedom.

Week 2: Free as a Dove: Flying Over the wall between Capitalism and Earth.

Week 3: Free as an Eagle: Flying over the wall between Humanity and Divinity.

Week 4: Free as a Phoenix: Flying over the wall between Binaries and Nature.

Week 5: Free as a Sparrow: Flying over the wall between Material and Immaterial.

Week 6: Free as a Cockerel: Flying over the boundary between Fear and Honesty.

Do you have any interesting, spiritual, or amusing stories or experiences about birds to share with us? Comment, post, or make us a little video. We’d love to hear your voices.

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