What next for Churspacious?

As our Spirit theme draws to a close, we move to consider where we can hear God speaking. This will give us an opportunity to consider different spiritual activities as well as social justice concerns and the question of what God is calling Churspacious to do – and to be – next!

Throughout July I (Alex) will also be on Facebook Live every Thursday at 2pm to chat, hear your thoughts, pray for you and answer questions so please, please join me or I will be talking to myself! You don’t have to go on camera, don’t worry, you only have to look at my face… hmm………. but you do get to type live comments which I can respond to live on air. It works best when lot’s of people are commenting! You can also send me comments or questions in advance.

I will also be sending Churspacious members a survey in the last week of July. I would love to hear your thoughts as we approach 6 months of being church together!

2 thoughts on “What next for Churspacious?

  1. Unfortunately this Thursday I have my Zoom Adoption Panel appraisal at 1.45 but I’d love to join in on future weeks.
    Helen x


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