Alex and Jo both really struggle with the idea of rules, especially in a spacious church. It matters, though, that we are able to create safe space so that every member of Churspacious is included, respected and cared for. It is also important that people find what they seek; that there is some sort of clarity as to what will happen here. Here are some guidelines that we will start to implement on Facebook. As ever, these are provisional, so please do feel free to comment and ask questions.

  1. Do disagree well. Discuss, don’t argue.
  2. Do share your opinion. Don’t expect other’s to change theirs.
  3. Do love each-other. Don’t post hate.
  4. Do tell the truth. Don’t claim opinion as fact.
  5. Do critique injustice. Don’t punch down.
  6. Do share relevant stuff. Don’t cross-post or advertise.
  7. Do respect. Don’t assume.

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